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Acquire data progressively, and only when genuinely needed

What this means is that the data you require to fulfill your value proposition must match the context and stage of the relationship.

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These innovators are building the stuff of the future, from a smart sweatband to tomorrow’s memory technology.

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Most students could identify the traditional ad, but more than 80 percent of them believed that the "sponsored content" article was a real news story.

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The scientific data shows that some creative types – such as lyrical poets and mathematicians – tend to have early creative peaks. Whereas others – among them historians and philosophers – are prone to later peaks and gradual, even negligible, declines. I haven’t found any scientific data on where admen fit in. But 72-year-old Sir John Hegarty seems to be as creative as ever and 71-year-old Sir Martin Sorrell shows no sign of acting his age. To stay creative and original in later life, it helps to be willing to do new things.

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“It’s been shown that linguistic positivity bias exists, over and over again. What people haven’t actually looked at is how this phenomenon fluctuates over time, and whether there are certain predictors for it,” said Morteza Dehghani, a professor of psychology and computer science at the University of Southern California and an author of the paper.

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So maybe it's Google who will command the robot armies! They have the security expertise to build such a device and the programming ability to make it useful.

Yet Google already controls our online life to a troubling degree. Here is a company that runs your search engine, web browser, manages your email, DNS, phone operating system, and now your phone itself.

Moreover, Doubleclick and Google Analytics tell Google about your activity across every inch of the web.

Now this company wants to put an always-on connected microphone in every room of your home.

What could go wrong?

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Consumers will embrace the brands that free them up from tedious tasks and allow them to focus on what matters.

Creativity, humankind's proudest trait, is being automated.

When bots handle consumers' self-improvement, mindlessness will be the new mindfulness. Enjoy this sneak peek of our full 2017 Trend Report – released October 25!

Retailers beware; shoppers will outsource their smarts!

Today, making connections is easy. Social skills, however, take work... or do they?

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Daniel Kahneman’s iconic book, Thinking Fast and Slow, opened the world up to how the brain actually makes decisions and created a new field of research in behavioral economics. In Decoded, Phil Barden shows how this applies directly to marketing, he covers all the major theories and shows how they impact package design, brand choice and the consumer journey with clear examples.

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In developing, the startup has taken cues from its home base. Though Twitter and Facebook are working to make live streaming more popular in the U.S., those efforts can’t compare with the millions of people in China who gamely stream everything from pole dancing to maggot munching. is testing virtual gifting—sending digital flowers, cars, toys to their favorite streamers—an unusual concept in the U.S. but core to the Chinese live-streaming model. Content creators can cash in those gifts, with taking a 20 percent cut.

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"The Trringo farm equipment rental business model will enable farmers to deploy mechanisation technology on a pay per use basis without investing in the asset," said Pawan Goenka, M&M Executive Director, when the plan was first announced in March. "This will increase their output and prosperity and lead to the inclusive growth of the nation."

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