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"Authored by leading journalists from the BBC, Storyful, ABC, Digital First Media and other verification experts, the Verification Handbook is a groundbreaking new resource for journalists and aid providers. It provides the tools, techniques and step-by-step guidelines for how to deal with user-generated content (UGC) during emergencies."

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"We're back in Adam's cave to check out his latest obsession, a robot spider with incredibly realistic movement. Adam shows off the special box and platform he built to tinker and calibrate the spider, and then sends it crawling around the pool table in his shop. It's not for the arachnophobic!

Find out more about the Robugtix here:

More cool stuff from Adam Savage's Cave here:

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Tested is about all the stuff we love too. We are Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Norman Chan, and Will Smith. If you'd like to know more about what we do, the best way to find out is to start watching. Check out the playlists below, visit, or subscribe to the channel. Enjoy!

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"Adding to the challenge, the traditional professional development offerings are often lacking in their approaches to developing comprehensive leaders and offer little to no opportunity for school leaders to work collaboratively and network with one another. It is essential that principals and other school leaders develop professional learning networks (PLNs) both within and beyond their local organizations. Although colleagues at the local level are often generous in their offerings of support, current technologies enable school leaders to reach far beyond the walls of their schools to access the expertise of school administrators and teachers from around the world and bring a wealth of resources to their schools."

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"nternet experts and highly engaged netizens participated in answering an eight-question survey fielded by Elon University and the Pew Internet Project from late November 2013 through early January 2014. "

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""The average life of a web page is about 100 days before it's either changed or deleted," says Kahle. "

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"The Wikipedia Teaching Fellow title is given to professors who are integrating Wikipedia into their higher education curriculum according to the standards of the Requirements for Course Design. Professors who structure a course according to the requirements, which are based on the experience of several professors who have incorporated Wikipedia into their classrooms in the past, are awarded the title of Wikipedia Teaching Fellow for the duration of that course."

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"My talk today is concerned with a decade in which we can track the shift from seeing a user-friendly computer as a tool that, through a graphical user interface (GUI), encourages understanding, tinkering, and creativity to seeing a user-friendly computer that uses a GUI to create an efficient work-station for productivity and task-management and the effect of this shift particularly on digital literary production. "

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