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About This Site

This site is a ghost, haunting the internet. It is a read-only archive of the bookmarking website

My name is Maciej Ceglowski. I bought what remains of this site in 2017 for about the price of a Volkswagen. I got that money from running a paid clone of called Pinboard.

This project is a labor of love (or more accurately, a labor of like). was founded by my friends in 2003, sold a whole bunch of times, and when it was about to get sold again to spammers in 2017, I took the opportunity to buy it back.

My current goal is to keep the site up and accessible as a museum of links past.

Right now, all you can really do here is log in and get your old data out. As time permits, I'll add back things like search and global tag pages, so that it's possible to explore the site.

If you want to actually save bookmarks, rather than poke around a link museum, then go sign up for Pinboard, which is a direct clone of classic

Is coming back?

If you mean, will I bring back a free bookmarking service that I run a paid version of, in order to destroy the business that enabled me to buy it, then no, it is not.

If you mean, is there a way to bring back to life that is cool and fun and does not bankrupt me, then I hope so!

Do you have my data?


When Yahoo sold to AVOS in 2010, there was a stipulation that users had to opt-in to have their data transferred. So if you have a really old (pre-2010) account, and you did not consent to this transfer at the time, then I do not have your data. It is sitting in a KGB datacenter somewhere, or wherever Yahoo! databases ended up.

How can I get my data?

Log in and use the export link.

I can't remember my password!

You will have to be patient.

Eventually I will set up a password recovery flow. Right now, though, the site still gets tons of automated traffic, and I am scared of giving it the power to send out emails. Hang tight.

Can you notify me when X feature is done?

No, but I will post updates to the Delicious Twitter account.

Can you delete my account?

No. This is an online museum now.

Can you do [time consuming thing] for free?


By the power of the GDPR, I command you to do [time consuming thing]!

Come and make me!

Can I buy the site/domain/data from you?

In accordance with the traditions, I will only consider selling to Yahoo.

How can I reach you?

You can email me at