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Share It With Others!

Nine months later, this happens:

Bonus points if Sue not only predicts this but shows up at the baby shower with hair gel.

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Kurt keeps on saying to Blaine to go back to school so he wont fall behind on his work just because he has the flu.
Blaine won't leave. He wants to stay and take care of Kurt. (Because he remembers having the flu once and needing someone there to take care of him).
Kurt can't keep anything down (only maybe small amounts of water)
It takes Kurt 3 days to recover

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Share It With Others!

Blaine instead goes insane. He does a huge amount of research, signs Kurt and him to go to parenting classes, baby proofs everything and when the baby comes he is completely over protective (calling Kurt constantly over little things when he's at work, constantly getting in contact with the pediatrician).

Kurt didn't expect himself to be the relaxed parent.

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It's only Finn and Kurt in the house, plus Blaine, who decided to drop by after the wedding to make sure Kurt didn't push himself into exhaustion.

Instead of cowering in Kurt's basement, they decide to fight back, Home Alone style. Finn tries to make missile launchers with Kurt's scarves (the horror!), Kurt takes over with a Sue Sylvester attitude, and Blaine? Blaine finds this in-charge Kurt hot.

The robbers are chased away, but the house gets wrecked in the process.

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to play, try to make all their dreams come true, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Bonus Points for the following:
Brittany accidentally joining for the Rockettes.
Rachel auditioning for a musical only to find that she's been paired with JESSE for the duet portion.
Tina and Mike reenacting famous movie scenes, including hilariously inappropiate ones.
Kurt being scouted by a legit modeling agency.
Chaperons Will, Emma, Sue, and Burt (and Bieste if you want) trying to keep everything under control and failing miserably, until Lauren and Quinn combine forces and make everyone behave with their HBIC powers.

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So I just want some sort of Klaine scene based upon this song or they can be singing it at like a prom or something. I don't care. I just need the song and Klaine TOGETHER.

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(with all three at McKinley and in ND)

Karofsky's planning on coming out, but he doesn't know how. Obviously, he turns to the only two other people he knows who have done this sort of thing before. Blaine and Kurt. Kurt decides he needs to express his feelings through song.

Which song?

Born This Way, of course.

While Blaine and Kurt get all Gaga'ed up and have full out choreography and what not, Karofsky refuses to everything, saying it's, "too gay."

Inspired by the rumor that the three of them are going to be singing Born This Way. I can't figure out for the life of me WHY they'll be singing it or HOW they'll all be singing it together.

Bonus for spandex on any of them!

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