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Links 1 through 10 of 34 by Michaela Hackner tagged twitter

London, England (CNN) -- Social media aren't always perceived as an effective way to coordinate fundraising efforts or bring change: In some circles, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest are seen as the domain of armchair activists.

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Best practices on Twitter are still developing, and everyone seems to have their own preferences and attitudes about right and wrong on the microblogging service. Standards vary widely depending upon whether one is using Twitter just to keep in touch with friends or is tweeting on behalf of their business or employer. Whatever your purpose, you may have some tweeting habits that encourage others to unfollow or semi-follow you.

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Metro is struggling with overruns again, but this time the problem isn't train operators overshooting platforms. It's mysteriously incomplete tweets.

In March, Metro set up a Twitter account and configured software to tweet onto the popular social networking site all of the advisories about service disruptions already e-mailed to subscribers.

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This is a bit of a shocker. Facebook, who has seemingly been in a race to emulate many of Twitter’s features, just announced that it’s launching the ability for Facebook Page admins to simultaneously update both their Page and Twitter.

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Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics

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In continuing with my series of quick social media tips (check out 5 tips for LinkedIn and 5 tips for Facebook) I’m covering some tips for business use of Twitter here. I’ve actually written about some of these tips in great detail before in this free ebook – Twitter for Business, but this can act as a quick primer for folks who like their info snack sized like this.

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A short-term study of Twitter has found that 40% of the messages sent via it are "pointless babble."

Carried out by US market research firm Pear Analytics, the study aimed to produce a snapshot of what people do with the service.

Almost as prevalent as the babble were "conversational" tweets that used it as a surrogate instant messaging system.

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@DCTwestival is right around the corner (September 10, register today), and the beneficiary is Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s Kitchen was chosen for a variety of reasons. Miriam’s Kitchen provides healthy, homemade meals and comprehensive case management services to the homeless (image from Miriam Kitchen’s Flickr feed). It has a healthy Twitter and general social media presence, but could benefit from some additional social media training and support.

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Twitter announced today that it will implement the massively popular "retweet" feature -- which is similar to forwarding an e-mail to all of your friends -- more seamlessly into the service. "It's about [expletive] time," many Twitter users wrote.

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If you can’t Tweet, you might get beat — in the job hunt, that is.

The landscape of today’s job market is shifting and the shift favours individuals who are savvy in social media.

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