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Links 1 through 10 of 3595 George MacDonald's Bookmarks

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Useful info on what parts of the phone you can fix yourself.

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Be together,
when you're apart.
An app for just the two of you.
Texting, sharing videos, photos, sketching
together and more.

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Flypad turns your iPhone into a motion-sensing game controller for PC, Steam, & indie games.

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One-Click Sharing

Click the button above and start sharing your screen in under 5 seconds! (Java required to share)
Hassle-Free Viewing

View from the browser of any PC, tablet, or smartphone. No software download or installation required.
No Setup

Allow as many people as you like to see your computer screens at once without needing to set up an account.

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I'm rating each company on a one-to-four "$" scale (how likely I think it will be to be a huge financial hit) and "#" scale, which is how useful it looks on first glance.

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An Introduction to CK-12

FlexBooks as a digital learning tool and more.

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Designers of all kinds are key players in the game of change that so typifies the opening decades of the 21st century. Called on to imagine, build, guide, demystify, explain, provoke, enable and inspire, game designers deal daily in the currency of transformation—of places, practices, and perspectives. Play is a key strategy in developing a design practice that is agile enough to entertain a constant need for transformative thinking but substantive enough to throw its strategic weight around when needed. This talk will delve into a set of tasty truisms gleaned from professional game designers about what happens to play when approached from the perspective of learning. What they have to say will both surprise and inform.

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For all the hours of TV coverage F1 attracts, most fans only get to see the glossy streamlined bodywork and not the parts under the skin that make the go. Although the ultimate speed of an F1 is mainly about aerodynamics, it is only by being aided by these mechanical and electronic systems that the car can go so fast.

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Apple, meanwhile, has its share of Stanford folks, but its primary source of talent is San Jose State:

apple linkedin 4

LinkedInI'm going to guess that Google does not employ all that many people who went to San Jose State. And I'm going to further guess that Google does not employ them because Google does not consider them smart enough or accomplished enough to work at Google.

But it seems safe to say that most mass-market consumers--the folks Google hopes will one day love its products as much as they love Apple products--are less like people who went to MIT (Googlers) than they are like people who went to San Jose State.

So I'm going to suggest, respectfully, that if Google wants to design products that are as beloved by normal people as Apple's products are, it might want to hire a college dropout or two. Or at least a few more folks who went to universities like San Jose State.

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