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Two new free dashboard products from IRN Research aimed at the UK pensions market. One provides an overview of pensions as a whole – The Pension Dashboard – while the other focuses on Self-Administered Pension Funds – The Self-administered-pension-funds Dashboard. Collectively, these two dashboards provide an overview of the UK pensions market, with a particular focus on the workplace sector.

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The UK Wills & Probate Market Briefing is the third edition of an annual IRN Legal Market Briefing from IRN Research and provides an overview of the UK wills and probate market.

The market remains fragmented with many smaller players, including some that are un-regulated, but more volume players are slowly beginning to emerge. Market growth will continue to be limited primarily due to low prices, intense competition, and little growth in the number of adults with a will. The first two factors are key obstacles to growth identified by practitioners in the sector. Low single-digit value growth is forecast for the next 2 years.

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A free dashboard showing the latest and most important statistics on the UK economy.

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