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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Frederick Noronha tagged computing

The core objective of the Manthan Award process is: making visible the contents that already exist and thus demonstrating the richness and diversity of content creativity to those interested in understanding and planning an Information Society.

The Manthan Award wants to demonstrate to every stakeholder the existing range of creativity and excellence in the use of the IT tools and communication networks. It seeks to substantiate the conviction that access to networks and ICT platforms is beneficial to the high quality and value of e-contents which are produced and available. It attempts to consider that quality contents, their production and economic sustainability are fundamental requirements which require changes to the way markets operate and governments act.

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The Simputer Project, discussions

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Padma unicode plugins to read Indian language sites.

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Training modules on OpenOffice, etc: ItrainOnline is a joint initiative of eight organizations with exceptional expertise in computer and Internet training in the South. While there is an abundance of information on using ICTs on the web, our experience h

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The goal of this third international workshop is to bring together researchers, and educators to discuss various issues involved in developing new techniques and on novel uses of technology for education in developing countries.

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When the invention of the Simputer (Simple Computer) was announced in 2001, it instantly captured the imagination of the world. So much so, that the venerable New York Times called it the most important invention of 2001 ahead of Apples G4 and Microsofts

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