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Links 1 through 10 of 38 TEAM MAPITO's Bookmarks

With proud we'd like to present you our first film for Damen Shipyards

also view the DBC website with our photography for Damen.

TEAM MAPITO wishes to thank;

Damen Shipyards Group

Arold de Vries | HR Director
Jaap Swierenga | Course Director
Joost van der Weiden | Cases
Lotte van Mourik | Logistiek
Silvy van Haren | Selectie
Gijs Groeneveld | Teambuilding
Jos Govaarts | Mentor
Björn Smets | Social Media

Camera Rob Koers
Sound Sybrand Kok
Edited by Katja Trijber
Color grade by Trijbermedia
Director of photography Frans van den Bemd

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The coolest case for technological collaboration we've seen in a while involves turning rapid-speed surf action turned into slow-motion footage straight out of The Matrix. "We wanted to look at surfing in a whole new light," says Rip Curl creative director James Taylor. "And ultimately do something that would blow people's minds."

Rip Curl teamed up with GoPro and Timeslice to create the video. Videographers dragged 30-camera GoPro arrays into the ocean, and then a team of pros cut the footage into what you see above. To find out how this collaboration evolved, we did a little digging.

Last year, Rip Curl partnered with Timeslice Films‚ the innovators behind the bullet scenes in The Matrix, to put together a revolutionary new surf video. The team headed to a wave pool in Malaysia and lined up 52 DSLR cameras and mounted them on a rig made of scaffolding. They towed surfers on jet skis into the cameras' field of vision and then shot. They used a series of laptops set up on set to make

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I am proud to show off my personal record for just a 1/2 marathon recently in Breda.

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Thursday 30 August 2012 I went with the Pilot on board to photograph the vessel on open sea, in the meantime the dock gate was openend and at 15:30 exectly as scheduled she moored on starboard along side. Mooring lines were adjusted and the fitting of the gangway by CCI was done, and both boilers of the ship were shut down. Friday morning August 31 @ 06:00 the dock gate was closed and the pumping of the dock started, sea water level was 5,2m. around 15:00 we had a dry dock.

Under guidance of HSEQ Manager Nicolas, I shot great picture on a beautiful sunny day and with the Superintendent of Shell who also introduced me to the Captain for next week shooting of part two of this great project in Brest.

Keep following us and come back for more images of the Bonny Gas Transport-owned, 79,822 DWT ‘LNG SOKOTO’ docked in Brest.

Kind regards,
Frans van den Bemd

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Hyundai | Director: Ronald Koetzier | Location scout & Location management: Frans van den Bemd, team MaPiTo for Caramel pictures.

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Adres: Kortenhoefsedijk 112A, 1241LV Kortenhoef

Indien er een toertocht gereden kan worden,
zal de Kortenhoefsedijk eenrichting verkeer worden
vanaf de N201(Vreelandse weg). Volg de borden richting parkeerterrein.

Er is parkeerplaats op het weiland tegenover
de ijsclub aan de Kortenhoefsedijk.
Als u van de Vreelandsweg (N201) komt
is het vlak voor de ophaalbrug in de Kortenhoefsedijk

Met vriendelijke groet | Kind regards,
Frans van den Bemd

Locatie scouts / Locatie managers
M +31 653 44.33.95 [Frans]

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Location scouting & location management by team MaPiTo

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a huge location library with over 500.000 images and 69.500 photographs online for free. If we haven't been there

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