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A Fire Risk Assessment will ensure that you meet your legal obligations imposed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The Order, firmly places the responsibility for ensuring fire does not put lives at risk with the ‘Responsible Person’, which in most cases will be the employer. At the same time, it allows the enforcing authority to make sure that the legislation is complied with and sets penalties if it is not.
Carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment delivers real benefits to your business. By taking remedial action against any significant findings, you will reduce the risk of fire, and therefore reduce the risk to your staff, visitors and business assets. So what are the benefits of engaging Fire Risk Assessments Limited to undertake Your Fire Risk Assessment:-
● All Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by an experienced competent assessor which includes a consultation with yourself in order that you understand the relevant fire safety regulations.
● Reports are provided ei

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