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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by marnie webb tagged citizen_journalism

Contribute to a how-to on audio Citizen Journalism.

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Newspapers, given their positions, can be at the center of this conversation -- not the object of it in most cases, but the enabler and, to some extent, agenda-setter.

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New Voices is a pioneering program to seed innovative community news ventures in the United States. Over the next two years, New Voices will help fund the start-up of 20 micro-local, news projects with $12,000 grants; support them with an educational Web

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A very nice articulation on the benefits of sharing information early and incoroporating feedback.

Share It With Others! is a grassroots effort enabling news consumers to determine for themselves which stories and topics are worthy of attention, to share that news with others and to have a say in specific coverage and news in general.

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"...[T]he question is now being ask in court because in November Mac blogs AppleInsider and PowerPage posted information about a product code-named Asteroid, designed to let musicians plug their analog gear into a Mac, and supposedly to-be-announced a

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