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Username: eewriter

Name: eestuffs

Joined: 20 Jan 2017

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When you develop application for PIC32 microcontrollers using MPLAB Harmony, you will come across the terms Static and Dynamic Implementation of Library Interface. So what is Static and Dynamic Implementation in MPLAB Harmony?
The PIC32 microcontrollers like any other microcontrollers has number...

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In this PIC16F877A LED Blinking Project we will show how to create a LED blinking program in C programming language using MPLAB X IDE and how to generate HEX code using IDE which in turn uses the XC8 compiler. The HEX code generated by the software is then downloaded into PIC16F877A...

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Using a microcontroller is all about using and connecting to peripheral devices for the purpose of reading analog signal or sending commands. Examples of such works includes interfacing and controlling DAC(Digital to Analog Converters), interfacing and communication with external memory devices...

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This Arduino Bluetooth Module HC-05 Tutorial shows how to control a LED connected to Arduino Uno by controlling the Arduino microcontroller using bluetooth wireless connection with computer. In particular you will learn how to use HC-05 Bluetooth module. This tutorial should also work with other...

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In this tutorial you will learn how to implement Basic Logic Gates with VHDL programming language. Basic logic gates are AND, OR, NOR, XOR, NOT gates etc. They are the foundation building block of digital system. We can implement gates into FPGA devices using VHDL language and here we show the...

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Here we will show how to read sinusoidal analog signal using Arduino Due. After reading it we will plot it to show the signal in real time. For this we will use the Matlab Simulink. More specifically we will use the S-Function Builder block in Simulink to read the analog signal and plot in real...

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create sine signal from digital pulses using Arduino UNO. Sine wave signal is one important and fundamental signal. As such it is good to know how to generate sine wave signal for electronics application or other sciences experimentation.
One simple way to...

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This is the second part of the tutorial Reading analog signal with Arduino Due and Simulink. Here we will now configure the Simulink to co-work with Arduino Due. This is required to compile and upload the S-Function generated code into Arduino Due. Then we will setup the simulation run time and...

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In this tutorial series on reading analog signal with Arduino Due and Simulink, we want to show how you can use Arduino Due together with Simulink to acquire analog voltage signal and plot in graph(or you can after acquiring the signal do other analysis). We will be using the S-Function Builder...

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This ATMEL Studio 7 Arduino Due User Board Tutorial teaches you how to program Arduino Due configured as User Board Template using ATMEL Studio 7. A Simple LED Blinking C program is used for demonstration.
We assume that you have already installed and configured ATMEL Studio 7 to work with...

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