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Links 21 through 30 of 4430 Clair Ching's Bookmarks

links to other references on information architecture, including techniques, etc.

Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!

humans.txt - to let others know who are the people behind a website

Share It With Others! Homemade Oreos ...

Share It With Others! Books, HTML, pages, design ...

Share It With Others! "We usually think of doodling as a solitary activity, but group doodles exploit the power of participatory design and co-creatio ...

Share It With Others! In his presentation called Quieting the Lizard Brain, Seth Godin talks about “shipping” or delivery, and “thrashing,” the idea of expe ...

Share It With Others! To find out whether people understand your content, have them read it and apply their new knowledge. In other words, do a usability test! Here’s how to cr ...

Share It With Others!

Share It With Others!