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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Dave Earley tagged mobilebrowser

"Australian results of their 2008 Worldwide Mobile Data Service (MDS) Study [...] growth in the number of Australians using their mobile phone for a wider range of products and services. [...] 41% of respondents were interested in mobile banking, 44% were interested in the ability to pay for things with their mobile phone and 31% of respondents were interested in using community sites."

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While there’s been talk for years now about the potential for internet radio to play havoc with the traditional radio business, the internet’s lack of portability - one of terrestrial radio’s greatest strengths - has held it back.

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Everyone's touting mobile as the future of the internet - with the iPhone said to be pushing phone providers to actually make that happen.
I've been thinking the mobile web is the most likely way developing countries can join the global community

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I've been testing a series of mobile browsers for Windows Mobile. Try these iPhone-like options.

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