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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Dave Earley tagged local-news

"The people at HQ excitedly talking about big ideas that are going to get us to profitability, but the ideas sound like bad ones, not to mention ones that they have already tried. They are getting farther away from the hyperlocal vision and really pushing generic SEO content to try and get unique visitors"

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"you are going to get better engagement if you can connect with local people who are interested in their community. [...]. The more local engaged followers you have, the more successful your efforts at crowdsourcing, content distribution and local conversation."

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While none of the sites profiled has developed a clear business model yet, some of the key ingredients needed for success are becoming increasingly apparent:

1. A business development strategy and capacity to execute it.
2. A high level of audience focus and innovative approaches to build community engagement.
3. Technological capacity to support and track engagement.

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guest post from Nicholas White, the CEO of The Daily Dot, a new startup in community journalism. White leaves a long lineage of newspaper men and women in his family to join digital media and explains why.
Six months ago, I quit my family's 179-year-old newspaper company. I left not because newspapers are crumbling -- though they are -- but because the very thing that has made the old industry so fragile offers hope for the future of journalism.
I quit to start an entirely new newspaper: an experiment in media called The Daily Dot.

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"Adding location information has many advantages. It provides more context. It also helps journalists and publishers find an interested audience because makes content more accessible for users searching for information regarding specific locations. Location information lends itself to aggregation, and content with location information can be put on maps and other visualizations, which makes it more appealing for audiences to examine. Through this, it can be used in pattern-finding. Finally, location information can leverage social media. "

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"Maybe the fact we can more easily share stories is good enough in and of itself,without needing to assess click through&business model potential[..]Can an online or mobile medium do word-of-mouth storytelling justice?Can it help to create community?"

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I'm all for mobile news-particularly as it relates to providing information in developing countries-but at this early stage I would say mobile is going to be part of a resurrection of local news providers.Uptake could be too slow to save the paper

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