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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Dave Earley tagged comments

"Let’s say I leave a comment on TechCrunch and opt to have that comment shared to Facebook, too. Then, if one of my Facebook friends comes along and leaves a comment on Facebook about my comment, their comment will be posted back to TechCrunch. In other words, any discussion that my comment sparks between my Facebook friends will be seen on TechCrunch as well. That’s very powerful, and it’s something that nobody else can do."

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"Does your news site ever use comment moderation to squelch criticism or corrections? What do you think about such practices -- and search-based retaliation like the Daily Mail is now experiencing?"

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Includes excellent roundup of links to thinkers on comment best practice.
"the best way to learn about the conversation online is to join in[.]engaging in the ideas there,bringing your journalism to the conversation:ask questions,ask for examples[.]Learn"

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I somewhat agree-I just can't see chiefs of staff seeing it as anything other than a waste of time - could also be legal issues.
"Each reporter should take responsibility for the comments on[their]stories and[.]be encouraged to actively participate[.]"

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