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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Alex Musayev tagged remoting

In this article, I will talk about various usage environments for .NET Remoting, about some features of .NET Remoting which you should avoid if possible, and also about some application scenarios in which I wouldn't use .NET Remoting at all. All of this is done with the ultimate goal of a stable, reliable and scalable distributed application.

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This is an in-depth look at Remoting infrastructures in the Common Language Runtime and the .NET Framework. This study provides detailed information of the implementation of Remoting. I have given only a small description about each topic, or else it will eat up very huge numbers of pages. And since I am not that much good in graphics, I've grabbed the required images from other sources to depict some situations in this document.

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Пример использования .NET Remoting с конфигурированием клиента и сервера стандартными средствами (App.config).

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