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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Andy Dickinson tagged jschool

Variety reports on how ABC News have found working with J-schools are rewarding experience. In all senses of the word

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Renee Barnes is looking for your views on the 8 skils/skillsets that young journos should learn

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Journalism fundamentals that still need repeating - especially the inverted pyramid one. They don't call it the blindingly obvious for nothing.

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Mindy has some great ideas and isnights based on her experiences of teaching multimedia this year

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"But you’re not going to learn how to exploit it in a stuffy classroom taught by people who got there by working at newspapers." More from the 'school of life' arm of I'm right and don't need to actually check that what I write has any validity - unrelenting arse

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"Yes. If you have the conviction to challenge yourself and learn from the personal experiences that result from that, then yes, I'd say so -- whether you end up a journalist or not." and it's cheaper in the UK

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