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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Andy Dickinson tagged jobs

What requirements and skills are employers stipulating and which are the most popular? Laure Oliver turns to Wordle for a quick answer.

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After surveying trade news sites, he found 9,500 journalism job losses were reported between January 2007 and June 2009 alone. Conversely, the number of journalism university graduates has never been higher - 7,590 in 2008/09; that’s 0.60 percent of all UK graduates.

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The news that council papers have NUJ type journos working for them gives Greenslade food for thought. He's been clear on his thoughts about council newspapers "But I have not given any thought to the journalists who produce the material for such publications. You have to admit: they do have a point." I think this is a pretty shoddy admission. Perhaps it was convenient to assume it was all PR bunnies. Or maybe this fuss was about protecting jobs and not journalism or democracy?

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It looks nice but the news isnt. Scary stuff for US folks

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This is great. A tag cloud that takes the journalism jobs ad's and shows what technical skills are in demand. Great Idea

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An online copy editing test from UK sub Trevor Horwood

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