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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Andy Dickinson tagged economics

Starting with the unarguable "Journalists didn't make 20th century newspapers profitable — readers did." and ending with "Nichepapers, in contrast, do meaningful stuff that matters the most. The great failing of 20th century news is that monopoly power became a substitute for meaningful value creation. At root, that's the lesson that newspapers are learning the hard way." Umair Haque sets out his manifesto for what a nichepaper actually is with ome good examples along the way

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Leah Betancourt has a great "lay of the land" style article on crowdsourcing, funding, charity and more as models to sustain journalism

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"If you are in the path of a disruptive technology you are toast. Disruptive technologies disrupt." but perhaps worse is the pain of admitting so to the people who state the bleeding obvious at you whilst you wait for it to hit

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Shameless (or should that be sinful) linkbait for the Christian science monitor that is generating a lot of linking. "Journalism must innovate and create new means of gathering, processing, and distributing information so it provides content and services that readers, listeners, and viewers cannot receive elsewhere. And these must provide sufficient value so audiences and users are willing to pay a reasonable price. " Shame they don't allow the debate on comments - that would add value

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It looks nice but the news isnt. Scary stuff for US folks

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"This technological insurgency shouldn't surprise us: after all, it's wrapped up in language itself, which has long defied any attempt to commodify it. "

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"Journalists owe it to their profession to promote the underlying economic truth that without the print, the web could not support quality reporting." So says Tim Luckhurst

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