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Username: decorawesome

Name: decorAwesome

Joined: 01 Feb 2016

Profile Info

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The Nordic people have a great talent for decorating the house. From this continuous concern for the smallest detail has resulted a design that captures the current world. Clear lines, textures and colors of the Scandinavian design has became a standard of good taste.

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The classic style enchants us with its simplicity and elegance, through the variety of decorative ideas that you can use to create an aesthetic and functional environment. White gives the impression of a bright and relaxing space and when we combine the decorative style and the monochrome elements we get a perfect atmosphere.

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Whether you want to decorate your bedroom to have some more comfort during sleep, or that you want to try interesting design themes, we come up with solutions that incorporate both needs. We invite you to discover our collection of bed linens made of high quality materials and prints drawn from traditional English bedrooms.

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Since 1986, the French company Opjet Paris is recognized for an outstanding range of products, for the collections always in step with the new trends and made from high quality materials. Every product has a story to tell, a special place in your home and a presentation with industrial, Scandinavian and modern influences.

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Grandmother\’s house is always sobering memories. The rustic tablecloths, the delicate decorations and the romantic teapot, each of these had a story, beautify and enliven the space. So, in this collection, the products have preserved their vintage aspect, but with the highest quality materials and in colors of celebration.

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A woman should be two things: classic and fabulous, said Coco Chanel, the one who changed the fashion world with her designs and has become a myth. This quote describes best the products in this collection. If you wish a parisian atmosphere air, glamor glitters, fashion details like detached from Chanel haute couture workshop, then here you will find solutions.

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In a story room, every decor accessory contribute at creating a special stage for the little ones. Discover the collection in colors of marshmallows, with funny pets, whistles shaped in small cars, candy bowls, carpet with hearts, pajamas teddy bear-bags and many other cute surprises.

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Enjoy a panoramic view in the olive orchard, expressed through design, good taste and colors directly from nature. Give yourself a unique experience in the kitchen, customizing it with plates, dishes, tablecloths or decorative dishes with olives theme. We invite you to walk in our orchard!

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The Exotic paradise collection is like a pearl discovered in a lot of shells. It is more than a collection, it is the reinterpretation of the exotic nature in the form of furniture, accessories and decorations, in pleasant and relaxing colors, materials, textures and special finishes.

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