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Re: Google hangout stopped working - fails to start with reason code 24 -- SOLVED!

SUCCESS!!!  KeithR, thank you so much!!!!  Reverting back to google talk plugin version 3.7 fixed the problem.  For other readers, here is the discussion of the fix:!searchin/chat/ubuntu$203.10/chat/DEXY2m6-i5M/GQWPR3xazb0J
The fix that worked for me was posted by simple17 in that thread:

Temp fix is to roll back to Google Talk v3.7.1.0-1

Ubuntu 64-bit

Ubuntu 32-bit

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The Complete Micro 4/3 Lens List

Beginning in Sept. 2008 when Panasonic unveiled the first micro 4/3 format camera, there have been a steady stream of new lenses released for the format. As of late-2012, there are more than thirty-five different native lens models available for micro 4/3 cameras, with more on the way.

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With the slew of Drupal modules in existence today, you can “socialize” your site with minimal hard coding.

Here are 7 modules that’ll take your site to the next level, starting with the one we feel is the most important:

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Ching Bo Leung is one of the most popular all-purpose tonic soups. It’s a special combination of seven dried Chinese herbs: Job’s Tear barley (yee mai), lotus seeds (leen zee), dried dragon eye (longan), lily bulb (bock hup), foxnut (chee sut), Solo­mon’s seal (yook jook), and Chinese yam (wai san). Available in Chinese supermarkets, the herbs come premeasured in an ­inexpensive package sometimes labeled “ching bo leung” but often labeled only with Chinese characters. The package comes with the loose herbs and two separate sealed packets of barley and dragon eye.

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Mandatory Reading:
- Meadows, Donella. Thinking in Systems: A Primer
- Quinn Patton, Michael. Developmental Evaluation: Applying Complexity Concepts to Enhance Innovation and Use
- Westley, Zimmerman & Patton. Getting to Maybe
- Zimmerman, Lindberg, Plesk. Edgeware: Insights From Complexity Science for Health Care Leaders
- Charles Hamden Turner. Charting the Corporate Mind, Chapter 3; Charting Dilemmas and Steering Strategically
- Atul Gawande. Big Med; Can Hospital Chains Improve the Medical Industry?
- Brenda Zimmerman. Exploring Generative Relationships S T A R
- Lester R Brown. Who Will Feed China?
- Howard Perlmutter. Paradigms for Societal Transition

Highly Recommended Reading: [....]

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Google Plus Profile Picture appear in Google Search. Integrate Google Plus Profile with WordPress. Make your website come up in Google.

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It took about seven years, but Microsoft relented. In April, the company announced it would fully implement in Office 15 both the Office-based standard it forced through ISO (standard ISO/IEC 29500, called OOXML by most people) and the community-driven open standard it emulated (standard ISO/IEC 26300, called ODF by most people).

Open source changed the market, forcing Microsoft to respond and embrace both version-to-version file compatibility and the concept of interoperability. Without open source, none of this would have happened. With open source, even if you aren't actually using ODF yourself, you benefit from a competitive and reinvigorated market.

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The term "Learning Style" is used in a variety of ways in the teaching and learning process. Generally, it refers to the uniqueness of each learner. Individual difference might include personality, mental processing, confidence, attitude, sensory intake processes or some complex combination of these and other differences.

The threshold of learning is receiving new information; therefore, sensory intake deserves special attention. Measuring the seven elements of the perceptual modality of learning styles can give the learner valuable information about their sensory processes. The seven perceptual learning styles are print, aural, interactive, visual, haptic, kinesthetic, and olfactory. This survey will help you identify and rank your seven perceptual learning styles.

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Scholars Portal Database
Do a search in Scholars Portal database
Click on the title of the article and scroll down to locate the DOI (if available)
Insert the DOI at the end of this URL:
For e.g. 10.1177/1045389X06059076
Then add the above URL at the end of this link

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If it locks up completely, you can REISUB it, which is a safer alternative to just cold rebooting the computer.


While holding Alt and the SysReq(Print Screen) keys, type R E I S U B.

R: Switch to XLATE mode
E: Send Terminate signal to all processes except for init
I: Send Kill signal to all processes except for init
S: Sync all mounted filesystems
U: Remount filesystems as read-only
B: Reboot
REISUB is BUSIER backwards, as in "The System is busier than it should be", if you need to remember it. Or mnemonically - R)eboot, E)ven, I)f, S)ystem, U)tterly, B)roken.

More info on all the Alt SysReq functions here:

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