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Links 1 through 10 of 157 by Dan Dascalescu tagged study

[[Compared the self-reports of 177 porn actresses to a sample of women matched on age, ethnicity, and marital status. Comparisons were conducted on sexual behaviors and attitudes, self-esteem, quality of life, and drug use. Porn actresses were more likely to identify as bisexual, first had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners, were more concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), and enjoyed sex more than the matched sample, although there were no differences in incidence of CSA. In terms of psychological characteristics, porn actresses had higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings, social support, sexual satisfaction, and spirituality compared to the matched group. Last, female performers were more likely to have ever used 10 different types of drugs compared to the comparison group.

These findings did not provide support for the damaged goods hypothesis.]]

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Everyone but Greece thinks the most hardworking nation in Europe is Germany. Greece thinks it's Greece.

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[[The study was done on land owned by Iowa State University called the Marsden Farm. On 22 acres of it, beginning in 2003, researchers set up three plots: one replicated the typical Midwestern cycle of planting corn one year and then soybeans the next, along with its routine mix of chemicals. On another, they planted a three-year cycle that included oats; the third plot added a four-year cycle and alfalfa. The longer rotations also integrated the raising of livestock, whose manure was used as fertilizer.

The results were stunning: The longer rotations produced better yields of both corn and soy, reduced the need for nitrogen fertilizer and herbicides by up to 88 percent, reduced the amounts of toxins in groundwater 200-fold and didn’t reduce profits by a single cent.

In short, there was only upside — and no downside at all — associated with the longer rotations.]]

Mirror at

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Some 88% of U.S. adults own a cell phone of some kind as of April 2012, and more than half of these cell owners (55%) use their phone to go online. We call these individuals “cell internet users” throughout this report, and this represents a notable increase from the 31% of cell owners who said that they used their phone to go online as recently as April 2009.

Moreover, 31% of these current cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone, and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. That works out to 17% of all adult cell owners who are “cell-mostly internet users”—that is, who use their phone for most of their online browsing.

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"1% of people would never steal, another 1% would always try to steal, and the rest of us are honest as long as we’re not easily tempted. Locks remove temptation for most people."

"When we had an insurance company move the signature on a mileage reporting form from the bottom of the document to the top — so people were attesting that the information they were reporting was true before they filled out the form, rather than after — the amount of cheating went down by about 15%.”

"But while 30% of the group wearing real designer sunglasses cheated, and slightly more, around 40%, of the people in the no-information group cheated, more than 70% of the group wearing the fakes exaggerated the number of matrices they solved. One moral violation leads to further immorality.”

"But the participants in the group that tried to remember the 10 Commandments didn’t cheat at all. Small reminders of ethical standards can be very powerful.”

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Feb 2012 survey on 270 executives of US-based early stage companies, 47% from CA, with an average of 50 employees/startup. 97% had gross revenue < $50M.

Key findings:
* 61% said business conditions are better than last year, 72% expect they'll improve further
* 79% say the US is an attractive place for business because of the focus on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset. Only 10% say the same about foreign markets.
* Foreign markets are more appealing than the US at: cost of doing business, tax incentives and rates, and the regulatory environment. Execs in life sciences and cleantech, due to heavy regulation, see expansion in the foreign markets as a "must-do"
* 83% of the tech startups are looking to hire (73% in hardware, 90% in software)
* only 28% believe that the US education system is preparing workers with the skills their businesses need
* 34% consider skilled immigration reform a top govt. priority

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Compared to a relatively quiet environment (50 decibels), a moderate level of ambient noise (70 dB) enhanced subjects' performance on the creativity tasks, while a high level of noise (85 dB) hurt it.

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Gene therapy consisting of inducing cells to express telomerase was successful in mice, extending their lifespan by between 13% (treatment at 2 years of mouse age) and 24% (treatment atone year of age).

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How massage actually works.

Warning: study was not blind, and was conducted on only 11 subjects.

See for a later, more detailed article, that doesn't link to the study.

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"Given the markedly lower training volume in the sprint interval training (SIT) group, these data suggest that high-intensity interval training is a time-efficient strategy to increase skeletal muscle oxidative capacity and induce specific metabolic adaptations during exercise that are comparable to traditional Endurance Training. "

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