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Username: dadabhagwan

Name: Dada Bhagwan

Joined: 22 Sep 2015

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IFTTT dada bhagwan self realization spirituality FacebookPages Dada Bhagwan Foundation Buffer Attain self realization withing 2 hours

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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Dada Bhagwan tagged Buffer

Do you know that One can attain liberation only in the human form. There is no other place from which one can attain liberation. Have you ever seen anybody not doing any karma? To know more visit:

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Do you have a Question: Should I point out my spouses mistakes? Find the Ans here:

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Fruit of #discharge #karma with shukladhyan (contemplation as the Self, Pure Soul) is moksha, and fruit of discharge karma with dharmadhyan (auspicious contemplation; to not #hurt anyone, to give #happiness to others) is tremendous punya. It binds punyanubandhi punya (merit karma which binds more mer

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*Atmagnanthi Mukti* What is the #human lifecycle ? Taking birth, getting married, raising #children, growing old and finally dying? And, after this, a new cycle begins once again and thus this goes on and on. But, how can one become free from this? Learn more about it from the following video and for

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