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Username: csisrussiaeurasiaprogram

Name: CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program

Joined: 22 Jul 2010

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Even if Russia's proposal to avoid a U.S.-led air strike on Syria ultimately fails, it will be a "positive" for President Barack Obama's administration, as it gives the Americans the ability to say that it tried a diplomatic solution before turning to a military intervention, according to fellow with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Either way, it looks good for the U.S.," said Jeffrey Mankoff, deputy director and fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Program at CSIS. "If it works - and I am skeptical that it will - then a non-military solution will have succeeded. If it doesn't then President Obama can go back to the U.S. people and the international community and say that he tried not going the military route, and now it's time for intervention." Added Mankoff: "At least it gets him out of the corner he has painted himself in."

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Chinese President Xi Jinping kicked off his visit to four countries in Central Asia on September 3. He also participated in the G20 Leaders' Summit in St. Petersburg and will be present at the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on September 13. The focus of his visit is expanding economic cooperation and increasing bilateral trade with the Central Asian states, especially in energy and transportation. In the meantime, security development will also be a major topic.

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For the U.S. to make Russia a strategic priority, Russia needs to become more capable of addressing the global, transnational challenges that face much of the world in the 21st century.

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14 августа, в день 21-й годовщины начала грузино-абхазского вооруженного конфликта Министерство по реинтеграции Грузии распространило заявление. В нем военное решение проблемы территориальной целостности страны было расценено как политическая ошибка, которая не должна повториться в будущем. В тексте заявления особенно подчеркивается, что грузинские власти отказались от милитаристской риторики и готовы к мирному решению застарелых конфликтов. Можно ли рассматривать этот шаг в качестве начала процесса примирения? Какое влияние он может оказать на общую ситуацию на Южном Кавказе?

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Putin’s visit to Baku appears to have ended the cooling with Azerbaijan observed in 2012. But what motivates the change of strategy? Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a working visit to Baku on August 13 to conduct negotiations with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev. During the course of these talks, questions concerning the regulation of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Caspian Sea legal regime and cooperation in the sphere of energy were discussed.

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Президент России Владимир Путин 13 августа посетил с рабочим визитом Азербайджан. У визитов российских лидеров в Баку своя особая история. Первый президент РФ Борис Ельцин за весь период своего пребывания у власти не нанес ни одного официального визита в Азербайджан. Прикаспийскую республику он посетил только в апреле 2005 года уже в качестве почетного отставника.

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2 августа 2013 года Министерство иностранных дел Азербайджана опубликовало список лиц, чье пребывание на территории прикаспийской республики признано нежелательным. Таковыми данный документ признает 335 человек. Но не только количественные параметры впечатляют. Реестр персон нон-грата имеет широкую географию. В нем оказались обладатели не только российских, но и украинских, американских, испанских, австрийских, германских, французских и даже австралийских паспортов.

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US President Barack Obama cancelled his planned summit with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Member of the Valdai discussion club Jeffrey Mankoff discusses the reasons for the decision.

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President Barack Obama’s decision to cancel his planned summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is only the latest in a long series of signals that the U.S.-Russia relationship is going downhill, and the cancellation likely heralds a period in which the bilateral relationship is a lower priority for both sides. The decision to downgrade Russia as a U.S. foreign policy priority stands in stark contrast to the optimism that greeted the announcement of the U.S.-Russia “reset” in February 2009. Yet it has not changed the fundamental logic underlying the reset, namely that because Russia matters immensely to the U.S. across a range of issues. It is therefore in Washington’s interest to invest the time and resources to ensure a generally cooperative relationship with Moscow.

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They share a border running 4,300 kilometers, but have long been divided by mistrust. However, if the past several months are any indication, China and Russia are enjoying a distinct warming in relations. A historic oil deal in June and a major joint military exercise in July are the clearest signs of a deepening partnership. Analysts say suspicions are likely to linger, along with outright competition in Central Asia. But economic and geopolitical considerations -- including the urge to counterbalance the United States -- are bringing the countries increasingly in line.

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