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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Charlie Schick tagged measurement

A personalized computerized fitness center, with visual guidance, and a hat tip towards quantified self nuts. Haven't found out if anything can be downloaded or what online tools they have to visualize.

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"Mashing up a multitude of cells in order to study them obliterates key differences between cells, researchers have come to realize. That's why more and more scientists are opting to take the measure of individual cells." (subscription required)

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Meh, I think that what they were measuring at the time needed a separate measurement - blogs. Now, all that is mainstream and mundane, and, as you say, mixed in with other forms of communication and engagement, so they are a bit irrelevant now.

We were using them to track the quality of Nokia Conversations and noticed that it was superseded by better metrics already in mid-2008.

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I've long given up on page-views as a major metric. Now I have back-up for cutting clicks down to size. Upshot: Be careful what you measure.

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