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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Charlie Schick tagged fermentation

The microbiology of American Coolship Ale #practicalmicrobes #beer #fermentation

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Culturing yeast off of raisins, using the raisins as sugar source. Indeed, sima, a lightly fermented spring drink from Finland, is inoculated with packet yeast, but I think originally was inoculated with the raisins that are part of the recipe.

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Excellent overview of all the ways we use microbes (useful bugs!) in the production of food. I learned that cacao is fermented and a new term SCOBY, "symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast". A bit cooler than "cooperatives" (my use) or "consortia" (science term).

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"A natural biorefinery in itself, the Q microbe, Clostridium phytofermentans, is an anaerobic organism with a unique combination of natural characteristics that dramatically streamline the production of cellulosic ethanol."

Though not sure if this is a recombinant organism - no reference to it, but choice use of the word "natural".

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"To me, humans have always been practical microbiologists: we probably settled down to farm barley for beer, one of the oldest pieces of writing is a recipe for beer, and it’s not surprising that early biochemists studied enzymes in the fermentation process."

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