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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by John Sutton tagged plugin

A plugin that I've not tried as yet but looks really useful, especially since you can link it to an online spreadsheet meaning that you can change figures in the spreadsheet and the graph on your blog will update automagically.

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A Wordpress plugin that speeds up the addition of existing users to a different blog by allowing to add multiple users at once. Make sure you have your list of usernames in front of you and the process should become significantly quicker.

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A useful plugin that gives you a widget to drag into your blog's sidebar giving a countdown in days to the next school holiday or a calendar display. To make the most of the widget you need to make sure that you update with INSET dates and any changes from the local authority's holiday dates in your area.

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World Cup Predictor Plugin for Wordpress. Looks great, but I haven't tested it on Creative Blogs yet.

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