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Username: clustrmaps

Name: Marc Eisenstadt

Joined: some time ago

Profile Info

Links 1 through 10 of 373 by Marc Eisenstadt tagged testimonials

Purple Dreamer writes, "I was excited when I found ClustrMaps because it gives a neat visual of where the people visiting the blog are from, without giving a way too much information on each visitor. (Privacy is important to me!)"

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edutech4teachers writes, "... students.. really enjoy knowing that others—beside their teacher and classmates—have read their essays, poems and stories... Besides providing instant gratification for teachers and students, Clustrmaps can be used for instructional purposes as well... geography, math and writing lessons."

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DougChamberlain writes, "This little widget has to be one of the coolest features ever thought of for a website! ... I am completely blown away that in the past 10 days, I have had over 350 visits to this site from every corner of the globe - 44 different countries and counting!"

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Ms. Tiedemann writes, "The ClustrMap widget on our B.A. Art Blog shows that we have had visitors from all 50 states and 48 countries on our blog! .... Today, students in grades 3,4, and 5 viewed our map and pointed out some of the unique views on the world map. Below is a short video clip of 3rd grade students in Ms. Cacace's class that I took at the end of art class."

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Share It With Others!

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Clovisnáilton Roquefeller escreve, "..É pelo ClustrMaps que eu fico sabendo de que cidade deste nosso imenso país de dimensões continentais que o leitor do nosso blog acessa o Mega-Sena. Interessante demais o programa e o resultado final deste projeto para o blog, principalmente porque ele é temático (ou seja, as histórias giram em torno do sonho de todo brasileiro, que é ganhar milhões na loteria) e, pelos acessos dos internautas mais de 35 mil visitantes, dá para ter uma noção de que todo o Brasi, do Oiapoque ao Chuí, faz uma fezinha na Mega-Sena."

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Enter Miles writes, "Clustrmaps has added a neat feature. I can now see from where my blog is being accessed, in real time. Little yellow dots give away your geographic position, and a list names the places..."

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@HurikaneElSwiss writes, "ClustrMaps is both fun and useful. I use ClustrMaps because I want to see where my blog travels. Business people can probably use it to see where their main audience is so they can tailor their content to that audience. .."

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Kathleen Morris writes, "Our ClustrMap check offers so many teachable moments. We have seen our students’ understanding of place value increase by this daily authentic activity. We use a place value chart to keep track of our visitors and every day we talk about how many thousands, hundreds, tens and ones are in our visitor number."

The students are able to apply the strategies we’re learning in maths to make predictions and calculations about our visitor count.

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