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Links 1 through 10 of 268 Chris Loft's Bookmarks

Darkly sliding moon
shining without consequence
I worship your smile

Plunge into the sea
your waves rise up in greeting
of salt water smiles

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When you wish upon ~
a star, it makes no difference ~

whoever you are #haiku

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In the space between
night time and morning's new dawn
still moments linger

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I will hold my breath ~
until the summer solstice ~
the last rice planting

A cup of sake ~
and sweet pickled vegetables ~
neri kasu style

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Dance in light or darkness ~
dream with your passion and pain ~
live in this moment

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I take a deep breath /
but can't stop the wind blowing /
tears slip from heaven

Somehow, on dark nights /
I remember you calling /
through the pouring rain

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Raging fires burn from /
a breath a sigh a whisper /
a spark in the night

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Thunderhead crashing ~
electric jolt of silver ~
as my heart lights up

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I have strayed, emeshed ~
between your fine lines and curves ~
sweet solace

wake my aching soul ~
stomp all over my poor heart ~
with your pointed shoes

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Breathless in your arms ~ pierced by jagged edges of ~ your smooth heart of stone

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