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Links 1 through 8 of 8 by Juan Manuel Caicedo tagged math

Cheat sheet or minitutorial about linear algebra.

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Notes for an introductory course on discrete mathematics for computer science and engineering.

Topics include formal logic notation, proof methods; induction, well-ordering; sets, relations; elementary graph theory; integer congruences; asymptotic notation and growth of functions; permutations and combinations, counting principles; discrete probability. Further selected topics may also be covered, such as recursive definition and structural induction; state machines and invariants; recurrences; generating functions.

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A concise reference on advanced matrix theory, including:
- An easy way to compute matrix derivatives and second derivatives
- A general framework for inverting partitioned matrices
- Useful properties of Kronecker product, Hadamard product, and diag
- The column-stacking operator "vec" and its generalization to "vec-transpose"

Includes applications to multilinear models, principal component analysis, blind source separation, Lyapunov equations, model alignment, and more.

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Detexify is a service that converts hand-drawn math symbols into the corresponding LaTeX code.

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MathJax is an open source JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all modern browsers.

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A parallel matrix computational package based on Hadoop Map/Reduce

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Lambda calculus made easy and fun

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Number spirals are very simple. To make one, we just write the non-negative integers on a ribbon and roll it up with zero at the center.

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