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Links 1 through 10 of 37 by Barbara Haven tagged cloud

A core value CloudFlare is that security information should be shared between organizations to make the entire Internet safer. That is how CloudFlare's systems work: if one site is attacked, data about that attack is immediately shared with the rest of the network so other sites can be safe.

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IT and cloud providers have a duty to research renewable energy sources and implement sustainable power solutions. As well as this duty to source green energy, they also have a duty to report on it. By releasing figures on energy output, full research can be engaged and better solutions and energy standards can be created.

The future of our technological advancement is no longer down to competition and advantage. Providers need to work together to create a better plan for our engorging power drain so that we have a future to enjoy the technology in.

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OpenStack – the (truly) open source project that lets you mimic Amazon's S3 and EC2 services inside your own data center – says that it's working on larger-object support as well. OpenStack community manager Bret Piatt of Rackspace tells us that this will arrive early next year with OpenStack's "Bexar" release and that it too will expand sizes to 5 terabytes.

OpenStack was founded by Rackspace and NASA after both outfits were struggling to scale up their infrastructure clouds. OpenStack is based on Nova, a cloud fabric controller designed by NASA, and Cloud Files, a storage controller built by Rackspace. The storage platform is known as swift, and Rackspace says that it now has a "mature" swift codebase running in a production environment.

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The US federal government will soon adopt a "cloud-first" policy, meaning federal agencies will be required to used cloud services "whenever a secure, reliable, cost-effective cloud option exists." The announcement came last week from Jeffrey Zients, the government's first chief performance officer. According to the Washington Post, the new policy is part of a broader government initiative to "fix IT."

The Post quoted Zients saying: "Fixing IT is central to everything we're trying to do across government. IT is our top priority."

Zients also wants to:

* Give programs more flexibility in how they budget for IT projects
* Turn oversight panels into investment review boards
* Establish career paths for program managers
* Bring IT acquisition processes inline with the speed at which technology changes

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Listening to the conversations at various industry events, I’ve been struck by how reluctant business IT decision makers are to adopt a solution that they see as consumer-centric. IT still feels there is a distinct division between consumer- and business-grade tools. One startup trying to distinguish itself from the more consumer-centric options is Zetta.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Zetta was established in 2007 with involvement from founders with previous executive experience at Netscape, VeriSign, Symantec, EqualLogic, and Shutterfly. I spent some time talking with Jeff Bell, director of marketing at Zetta, in an attempt to understand how they’re differentiating their product from the myriad of formerly consumer-focused storage offerings out there that are now focused on the business space. The Zetta spin on its offering is “Network Attached Storage as a Service.”

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Re-inventing the Cloud

Leverage the power of the cloud with only 3 lines of code. Leave the load balancing, auto scaling, and server management to us.
Start with 5 free compute hours.

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Opscode, Inc., a cloud infrastructure automation company, today announced the limited beta release of the Opscode Platform, the world’s first hosted configuration management service. The Opscode Platform makes the popular open-source configuration management tool Chef even more powerful and easy to use.

“Automated infrastructure management represents one of the most complex and urgent problems in IT,” said Rachel Chalmers, industry analyst at The 451 Group. “The launch of the Opscode Platform has the promise to become a watershed moment for web infrastructure. It’s the of configuration management.”

With the advent of cloud computing and virtualization, it is easier than ever to create new servers on demand. Very quickly, a bottleneck has developed around the configuration management layer, where files are written and packages are installed as new server infrastructure is built and maintained.

Share It With Others!'s open source CloudStack software makes it easy for just about anyone to get into the cloud provider business. The Cupertino based company yesterday announced the availability of the open source version of their tool, the change to their new name (they used to be VMOps), the addition of several high profile executives and new financing. They will have commercially licensed versions of their software out by months end that include integration into billing and support tools, as well as more robust APIs.

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I've got a theory, and it's this: Steve Jobs believes he's gambling Apple's future — the future of a corporation with a market cap well over US $200Bn — on an all-or-nothing push into a new market. HP have woken up and smelled the forest fire, two or three years late; Microsoft are mired in a tar pit, unable to grasp that the inferno heading towards them is going to burn down the entire ecosystem in which they exist. There is the smell of panic in the air, and here's why ...

Brilliant post by @antipopeRSS about end of the PC era Nice complement to my internet OS piece – Tim O'Reilly (timoreilly)

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The worst of the downturn may be behind us, but its lessons remain clear. For businesses to survive and thrive, they must be able to make better decisions quickly, focus on core strengths and responsibilities, and reduce costs wherever possible. Cloud computing solutions provide a fiscally responsible, productivity positive means way to deliver on these goals, eliminating waste and needless expense while strengthening the processes which make your company competitive and successfu

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