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Username: be_healthy

Name: Be Healthy

Joined: 17 Apr 2017

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Hypertension is considered one of dangerous and chronic diseases which leads to heart diseases. At the time that numbers of sick people increases around the world specially in west countries , “Be Healthy” Offers you some natural solutions that help to lower Hypertension,...

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Because the health of the mother is more important than the treasures of the world; it needs those who remind her in her day. Some tips are to be followed to maintain a healthy fit body.

Be Healthy” asks the nutritional specialist; Abeer Abu Rajili about the most prominent advice she...

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The “gel” containing hydro – alcohol is found in almost all bags and office drawers, has been in place since the outbreak of influenza A in 2010; as it is particularly effective in preventing the spread of the virus when a person cannot wash his hands with soap and water at places...

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The rapid rhythm of modern life forces people to work long hours a day, which can consequently lead to fatigue and exhaust. While some people try to overcome the problem by eating caffeinated beverages, natural the rapist Charlotte root, author of “Boost your energy naturally and without...

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sexual intercourse; It’s a common infection but many who are infected are unaware of the damage being done to their bodies. It is easily spread; even though it most commonly affects the genital area it can also infect the eyes and throat. Chlamydia, though, is easily treated.
Although Chlamydia...

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Very few ladies use sweet potatoes to prepare their dishes and family dishes. However, if they knew the benefits of these winter fruits, they would’ve used them in the kitchen because of their antioxidant benefits.

Learn about most common benefits of sweet potatoes:


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Looks like the benefits of ginger are limitless. Find out more with the nutrition specialist Abeer Abo Regely:
Helps the body to absorb nutrients

Ginger has multiple benefits for health, including its ability to contribute to the body’s adsorption of nutrients in a better way. Have a...

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The general council of common health has launched a new project to help people protect their general health and guarantee an ultimate human performance. So what are the practical steps you have to follow to achieve a better body performance?

Health experts claim that it is highly advised to...

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;;Obesity has been claimed to be among the top leading causes of severe health issues! ;Meanwhile, recent medical studies have directly linked obesity to serious chronic kidney troubles revealing approximately the same levels of risk caused by diabetes and high blood pressure!

On the occasion...

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Acne vulgaris : it is skin irritation or inflammatory , in result of changes in skin pores and sebaceous glands.
Too much secretion of fat from glands , in addition to presence of natural layer from the dead skin cells are blocking the skin pores , then fatty secretions getting together under...

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