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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Atif Aziz tagged vsts

SvnBridge allows one to use TortoiseSVN and other Subversion clients with Team Foundation Server (TFS). It converts the calls made by the Subversion client into the API supported by TFS.

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Instrumentation can quickly produce large report files that are slow to analyze due to the large amount of data collected during the profiling run. This TechNote provides tips too limit data collected with instrumentation.

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John Robbins discusses one hack to work offline in Visual Studio with a TFS-connected solution.

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TeamLook connects Outlook to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server and enables users to view WorkItems, Reports, and other artifacts stored in their Visual Studio 2005 Team System installations.

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Step by step instructions to get started writing a Team Foundation Version Control Add-in for Visual Studio. This is not intended to be a comprehensive reference guide, but rather a guide to get things jump started.

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