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Links 1 through 5 of 5 by Atif Aziz tagged vs2010

“VSColorOutput is a Visual Studio 2010/2011 extension that adds color highlighting to Visual Studio's Build and Debug Output Windows. Errors are in Red, Warnings in Yellow, build headers are Green.”

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“Debugger Canvas is a new user experience for the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It pulls together the code you’re exploring onto a single pan-and-zoom display. As you hit breakpoints or step into code, Debugger Canvas shows just the methods that you’re debugging, with call lines and local variables, to help you see the bigger picture.”

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Macro to add an “Attach to IIS” button to a Visual Studio toolbar.

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A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

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New Code Editor and MEF, WPF and the New Visual Studio UI, VS 2010 Shell, Visual Studio Help, VS 2010 Extension Manager, Web Tools, Web Deployment and Web Packaging, Silverlight and WPF Tools, SharePoint Integration, Visual Studio Multi-targeting, Visual C++ Project/Build Extensibility, Native Code tools, Parallel Computing Platform (PCP), Deployment and Installation, Cloud Tools and Enhanced version of Dotfuscator Community Edition™.

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