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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Atif Aziz tagged regex

Structural regular expressions work by describing the shape of the whole string, not just the piece you want to match. Each pattern is a list of operators to perform on a string, each time constraining the range of text that matches the pattern.

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Roy Osherove introduces his take on LINQ-enabling the regular expression language after being influenced by Josh Flanagan's Readable Fluent Regex API.

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This is a tale of two approaches to regular expression matching. One of them is in widespread use in the standard interpreters for many languages, including Perl. The other is used only in a few places, notably most implementations of awk and grep.

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The one big limitation of the URL Mapping functionality built in to ASP.NET 2.0 is that it doesn't support regular expressions. Chris Pietschmann ported his v1.1 URL Mapping implementation over to v2.0 and added support for regular expressions.

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A .NET library that encapsulates the regular expressions syntax to make it more readable and maintainable.

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A regular expressionfor shortening long file path and a comparison to PathCompactPathEx from the Windows API.

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Visual Studio allows creating "Debug Visualizers" for all types in .NET framework as well as custom types. One can find such visualizers for Datasets, strings and XML. There wasn't one for Regular expressions, until now.

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