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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Atif Aziz tagged nuget

“Sidewinder provides a simple framework to deploy runtime application updates via a NuGet package. Bundle your update or new application components into a NuGet package, upload it to a NuGet feed (official, MyGet or your own) and Sidewinder will detect it, download it and unpack it to a target folder, typically your application install folder.”

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MyGet offers the possibility to create your private, filtered NuGet feeds for use in the Visual Studio Package Manager.

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Jeremy Skinner explains scripts he created for FluentValidation to automatically produce NuGet packages as well as provide the ability to automatically publish them to the newly available NuGet Gallery.

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Jeff Schumacher does a walk-through of creating and submit a package for an open source project to

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WebActivator lets one apply a PreApplicationStartMethod attribute to an assembly which is used to mark a method as something that gets called when the web app starts.

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A NuGet package that allows other packages to execute some startup code in web apps.

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