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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Atif Aziz tagged justcode

A Python example of using the email module to unpack and decode a MIME message.

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Stephen Toub presents a class that can be used to retrieve the XML documentation for a given method at run-time.

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Support for path files (.pth) can be added to IronPython with a little bit of modification to

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How to elevate a process through ShellExecute? It is not immediately clear from the documentation, but the trick is passing "runas" for lpVerb.

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The algorithm is very simple: (1) There is a list of special nouns that is looked up first. (2) There is a list of suffix substitutions that is a applied next. (3) Everything else gets 's' appended.

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A regular expressionfor shortening long file path and a comparison to PathCompactPathEx from the Windows API.

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Here's a C# .NET URL decoder that uses regular expressions (developed for performance). The class allows reading and modification of various parts of a URL.

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