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Links 1 through 9 of 9 by Atif Aziz tagged excel

“What I want to cover in this blog is how to collect basic Twitter following/follower stats across several accounts using Excel and Niels Bosma’s badass plugin: SEO Tools for Excel.”

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“EASA is a codeless rapid application development platform.

Publish Excel, MATLAB and MathCAD models, in-house codes and CAE models as web application on your network.

Achieve version control and security for your models, while improving ease-of-use and enabling collaboration for end-users.”

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“I will show how to use Excel’s Median, StDev and MInverse functions from F# scripting environment (FSI).”

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A parser and tokenizer of Excel formula syntax in C#.

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“Array constants are a component of array formulas…You create and use array constants whenever you need to add sets of values that don't change (such as month names or pi) to your array formulas.”

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“An array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in an array. Array formulas can return either multiple results or a single result.”

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Excel's Conditional Formatting feature has many uses. One fantastic use is to compare two lists and identify the items that are different.

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This library allows you to generate Excel Workbooks using XML, it is built 100% in C# and does not requires Excel installed at all to generate the files. It exposes a simple object model to generate the XML Workbooks.

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Yahoo! MapMaker for Excel is a Microsoft Excel template that enables any user of Excel to plot data on a Yahoo! map without programming. Just enter geographic data (up to 100 locations) into the spreadsheet, and after a few clicks, whammo, instant map. No

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