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Links 1 through 6 of 6 by Atif Aziz tagged dynamic

“C# 4.0 framework to allow you to wrap any object (static or dynamic) with a static interface even though it didn't inherit from it. It does this by emitting cached dynamic binding code inside a proxy. By expanding on the DLR plumbing used to implement this library, it has grown to support more general dynamic implementations. Other features include Really Late Binding, Inline Syntaxes, Currying, some dynamic extensions for FSharp, and unsealed Dynamic Objects including a fully dynamic MVVM ViewModel.”

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Presents an IDynamicMetaObjectProvider implementation called ElasticObject that supports the scenarios: an easier, fluid way to work with data formats – like XML and JSON, cleaner code though it is duck typed, a hierarchical way to maintain loosely typed data.

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Clay is a dynamic C# type that will enable you to sculpt objects of any shape just as easily as in JavaScript or other dynamic languages.

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Curt Hagenlocher on one more use for dynamic in C# 4: painless implementation of multiple dispatch.

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The Ruby languages has some very powerful built-in abilities. These are now available in C# 4.0 thanks to the dynamic keyword and IronRuby. In this post, Shay Friedman takes advantage of some of the powerful Ruby built-in abilities to create a class that records C# statements and playbacks them on an arbitrary object - a task that has been very complicated to achieve until now.

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C# 4.0 will introduce dynamic programming and late-bound code in the midst of otherwise statically compiled code, in an extensible way. Nikhil Kothari shows one scenario enhanced with dynamic capabilities - working with JSON data.

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