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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Atif Aziz tagged data-access

“Many data access strategies are available in the .NET development space—ADO.NET Entity Framework, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, XML, Hibernate, LINQ to SQL, and ObjectDataSource, to name a few. However, in many cases ADO.NET DataTables are still in use. This may be because your current architecture is based on DataTables or because they are simple to use. …You may simply have not had the time to explore these other data access approaches. Whatever the reason, it’s useful to know how to maximize the performance of the DataTable. We’ll look at two common scenarios: querying data and aggregating data.”

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This article explores the variety of data access choices currently available for the Microsoft .NET Framework. A comparison of techniques using the Nerd Dinner sample application is presented for the following data access methods: connected data access with ADO.NET disconnected data access with ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, and LINQ to Entity Framework.

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NSimpleDB is an open source library that has an API model similar to Amazon SimpleDB, but can also run on desktop with an embedded underlying store implemented on top of VistaDB.

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