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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Atif Aziz tagged aspnet-mvc

Tom Dupont discusses how ASP.NET MVC 3's GlobalFilters helps to set up global error reporting.

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Jon Galloway explains open redirection attacks and how ASP.NET MVC 3 includes a new change in the the Account Controller to prevent those attacks.

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Postal enables creating e-mails using regular ASP.NET MVC views.

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Sharp DOM is a view engine for ASP.NET MVC platform with the aim to permit developers to design extensible and maintenable dynamic HTML layouts using C# 4.0 language features. Sharp DOM can also be used to generate HTML layouts in projects that do not use the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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Mark J. Miller shows how to setup an ASP.NET MVC application project to compile views based on WebForms engine in release builds only. You therefore get the speed during development but a final validation before release.

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One of the main design principles ASP.NET MVC has been designed with is extensibility. Everything (or most of) in the processing pipeline is replaceable. This post shows 13 extensibility points that every ASP.NET MVC developer should know, starting from the beginning of the pipeline and going forward till the rendering of the view.

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A simple blog engine written using ASP.NET MVC, and designed with two main goals. One, to provide a sample of “core blog functionality” (trackbacks, RSS, comments, etc.) in a reusable fashion, and two, to provide a real-world sample written using ASP.NET MVC.

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