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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Atif Aziz tagged analytics

“What I want to cover in this blog is how to collect basic Twitter following/follower stats across several accounts using Excel and Niels Bosma’s badass plugin: SEO Tools for Excel.”

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FCore is a .NET numerical library and has been specifically designed for those who want to use F# for their quantitative development on .NET platform. FCore features a dedicated F# API. It has been internally implemented in C++ for maximum performance and is multi-threading ready. FCore can also bypass .NET 2GB memory restriction and manipulate matrices of virtually unlimited sizes (64-bit version).

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Provides JavaScript to customize the clipboard copy behavior in a browser such that if a visitor copies content from the web site and shares by pasting into an e-mail then a link is automatically added to link back to the web site.

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