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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Ashish Kulkarni tagged opensource

"Both license models make software free, but only GPL software is sustainably free. The BSD gives greater freedom, the GPL gives more freedom. Choose which one you value more."

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Forms of cost-center technology:
*) Differentiating: something that makes your business desirable over your competitors
*) Non-differentiating: infrastructure upon which the above is built.
Open Source is the key to spending less on non-differentiators

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Ten tips for businesses analyzing the impact of a decision to use an open-source project. Quote: "Don't be an Open Source ostrich. Open Source software is not likely to go away nor are you likely to avoid it. As always, "be prepared" is the best motto.

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how free software grows revenue instead of diminishing it. "No Fortune2000 customer will run products that don't have support. And no developer/developing nation, presented with an equivalent opensource product, will opt for a proprietary alternative."

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