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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Ashish Kulkarni tagged management

very funny tongue-in-cheek memo on the steps to prepare coffee

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Great managers define what success will look like, and why that success will be meaningful, but then they get out of the way, allowing people creative license and the freedom in decision-making to motivate themselves in attaining that success.

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Software development is a problem solving business, but sometimes even common sense is lacking. This is a true story of how the leadership of a large IT project went through various stages of denial and last ditch adjustment on a drawn out death march.

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why many innovative companies are overtaken by the "fast followers":
1. Better business model (Google, Dell)
2. Better market position (Comcast)
3. Better timing (iTunes, Flickr)
4. Better platform choices (Blackberry)
5. Better management (everyone)

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