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Username: annieshreff

Name: annieshreff

Joined: 04 Mar 2012

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This project comes pretty close to the concept of being helpful--what they call "service journalism"--that Brian Lehrer hoped to achieve with all of his crowdsourcing efforts at WNYC.

The goals is to "build community" by means of sharing your story, asking questions, discussions and providing your own perspective

By creating a group that exists away from ProPublica, the news organization is facilitating a discussion that its reporters can tap into, but also one that participants can make their own.

The concept of "service journalism" helps reporters tell stories, and allows others to help each other as well—enabling more voices to connect, react and speak truth to power collectively

"Another value for us is to listen" , and I would add that as journalists, we amplify those stories.

To boot: all of this on a neutral, easy-to-use platform keeps that engagement bar low.

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A new Brian Lehrer Show series taking a deep look at the topic of war and inviting many guests to discuss, then they ask the audience to respond to this open call:

We're polling humanity: Is war inevitable? Will humans ever stop fighting wars, once and for all? Why or why not? Submit your ...

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Studio 360 has created a clear call to action: find a piece of junk, write a story & enter the contest. What I love about it: Kurt "models good behavior" with a video to better outline just what it is they are looking for.

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Share It With Others!

My response to Paul Carr's criticism (2009) of people who follow their impulse to share a crisis on social media even before calling 9-11.

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Share It With Others!

Patrick Meier, Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi

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One of the most robust & comprehensive examples of crowdsourced reporting.

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(2003) How Story Corps, a traveling project recording oral histories/stories, came to be.

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