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Links 1 through 10 of 132 Amber Scott's Bookmarks one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing mobile phone & tablet repair services has invested in an Apprenticeship Programme to support the huge increase in the number of businesses and consumers using their repair service. The investment in apprentices will help to support a massive

Share It With Others! is largely known as the “go to” place for on-demand call out mobile phone repairs. Our talented techs come to the users nominated address and repair their phone in front of them. iMend have built up an array of 5 star reviews from thousands of customers who have booked and loved the repai

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Police in Israel are recommending that the state attorney’s office indict and prosecute two 18-year-olds suspected of operating vDOS, until recently the most popular attack service for knocking Web sites offline. On Sept. 8, 2016, KrebsOnSecurity published a story about the hacking of vDOS, a servi

Share It With Others! is the only company in the UK offering a nationwide call out mobile phone repair service. iMend have offered mail-in repairs for iPhone 7 repairs for months, but can now offer the only nationwide call out service in the UK and repair the iPhone 7 on site at a location of your choice!

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A recent, massive spike in sophisticated and successful phishing attacks is prompting many universities to speed up timetables for deploying mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) — requiring a one-time code in addition to a password — for access to student and faculty services online. This is th

Share It With Others!, the UK’s leading mobile phone & tablet repair specialist continue to offer Best Practice Training Courses for new and experienced technicians all across the UK. The Training Team are delighted that their training programmes have kickstarted new career paths for hundreds of new

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Last week, KrebsOnSecurity received an email from eBay. The company wanted me to switch from using a hardware key fob when logging into eBay to receiving a one-time code sent via text message. I found it remarkable that eBay, which at one time was well ahead of most e-commerce companies in providing

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Share It With Others!

Citing concerns over criminal activity and fraud, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has disabled an automated tool on its Web site that was used to help students and their families apply for federal financial aid. The removal of the tool has created unexpected hurdles for many families hoping

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