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Links 1 through 4 of 4 by Alex Barnett tagged patents

The claimed subject matter provides for an online, Internet-class service that can correlate between an application interface utilizing a highly expressive, EDM conceptual format and a data store structured in an efficient, highly scalable storage format. Such a service can include components that map between an EDM schema and a data structure format. Additionally, a query reply can include data presented with a payload format distinct from an EDM query format.

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The claimed subject matter provides a representational state transfer (REST) interface over a data store characterized by an entity data model (EDM) architecture. Such characterization can be presented by way of an Entity Framework that can transform data characterized in one manner at a relational database into an EDM characterization that can further be exposed to an external process or device. A REST interface over EDM stores can provide an end-to-end framework to expose data, modeled in a highly-expressive fashion, to the Internet or a web-scale intranet.

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"Google has rolled out a new Google Patents search engine...allowing people to search across the full-text of US patents from 1790 through the middle of 2006."

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