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Links 1 through 7 of 7 by Alex Barnett tagged EDM

The claimed subject matter provides for an online, Internet-class service that can correlate between an application interface utilizing a highly expressive, EDM conceptual format and a data store structured in an efficient, highly scalable storage format. Such a service can include components that map between an EDM schema and a data structure format. Additionally, a query reply can include data presented with a payload format distinct from an EDM query format.

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The claimed subject matter provides a representational state transfer (REST) interface over a data store characterized by an entity data model (EDM) architecture. Such characterization can be presented by way of an Entity Framework that can transform data characterized in one manner at a relational database into an EDM characterization that can further be exposed to an external process or device. A REST interface over EDM stores can provide an end-to-end framework to expose data, modeled in a highly-expressive fashion, to the Internet or a web-scale intranet.

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by Mike Taulty: ADO.NET V3.0 will come with the ADO.NET Entity Framework and a flexible object relational mapping layer that plugs in to LINQ - LINQ to Entities. In this video we take a quick look at how to obtain build a model in order to query and updat

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Channel 9 video: "In addition to Dr. Chen, I'm joined by Architect Jose Blakeley who works on the ADO.NET Entity Framework, which is of course based on the core principals of Dr. Chen's Entity Relationship Model."

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"Microsoft's Data blog has five short demos on Orcas and post-Orcas features for editing XML files and XSD files, debugging XSLT, and working with Entity Data Models (EDM)."

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Mike Dodaro of the ADO.NET team provides an intro to the EDM. "The EDM is an implementation of the entity-relationship (ER) model." Part 2 can be found on the same blog.

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