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Links 1 through 3 of 3 by Alan Lew tagged pcn

The airport welcomed its 70 millionth passenger on December 9 this year, according to the state-run People's Daily who said the passenger, an Australian called "Mr Li" en route to Singapore, was rewarded with a red scarf, the Chinese colour of wealth and good luck.

Traffic to Beijing International grew by 16.9 per cent last year to 65.3m passengers, only narrowly behind Heathrow, which saw a 1.5 per cent drop to 66m passengers.

The world's busiest airport remains Atlanta's Hartsfield International in Georgia, USA, with 88m passengers in 2009.

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Three Spanish tourists were kidnapped on Sunday in northwestern Mauritania on the road linking the capital Nouakchott to the city of Nouadhibou, a Spanish diplomatic source said. ... "They were in a car, the last vehicle of a convoy that was heading from Nouadhibou to Nouakchott." The source said the convoy had earlier delivered aid to Nouadhibou and was transporting donations that they intended to drop off in various towns along the route.

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severe visa regimes for Ukrainians wanting to travel abroad and the uncertain fate of international air ticketing practices that recently came into conflict with Ukrainian legislation constitute serious obstacles to ppbusiness travel in Ukraine.

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